PRADA CUBAN ROSE // Thin Chain Necklace

PRADA CUBAN ROSE // Thin Chain Necklace

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One size

Authentic Prada badge affixed onto a 2.4mm cuban link thin chain and Infinity adjustable clasp 16” - 20” 

Very limited exclusive collection 


Necklace includes dust bag, chain, pendant and branded embossed jewellery box 

Our infinity adjustable chain is engineered to allow for maximum versatility when styling your necklace. This allows you to change between a choker style, traditional length and a loose fit

One size fits all: 14”-20” (Infinite adjustability) 


Lifetime warranty

Rust and tarnish free guarantee: All our pieces are built with the highest quality and are guaranteed not tarnish overtime

Prada badge sourced from genuine Prada hairclips reworked using RELIC cuban link chain and clasp.